The Iconography on Necessity

Sometimes it comes to pass. Something so disturbing that it instantly evolves into common imagery shared across the globe and what is more, it is shared with the same outlook and meaning to it. Such were the images of the abused and humiliated Abu Ghraib-prisoners. They are the iconography on necessity, i.e. human rights as a necessity and a universal one at that.

The present page comes from the sketchbook of Sofie Riise Nors, who wrote down her thoughts following a documentary last night on the imagery. In particular she noted the responses by the implicated, each of them denying any kind of guilt, not even a sense of such a thing. No Secretaries to the state resigned and Donald Rumsfeld declaring his personal responsibility were but empty words. Of the few ones convicted, the "no regrets" were the words heard on the footage.

Sofie was too young at the time to have known the images and thus reverted them to their origin. There is a certain resemblance to Jesus, the abandoned and disgraced human exposed for all to see, and she inverted the image pointing it right back to the perpetrators portraying them as the KKK. Those spineless ones, who do not dare show their face while wrecking havoc in fellow humans' lives.

Sofie Riise Nors, October 7, 2015.

Sofie Riise Nors is as young as she is fierce. She will go far if she should choose cartoon art as her highway in life.

The sketch shown if courtesy of Sofie Riise Nors and must not be reproduced without her permission.

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