Sociopath, War Trilogy, Lviv, now partly damaged.
Photo via Tarek Alghorani/FREEDOM GRAFFITI WEEK Syria

What a sight above. Such artistry on the rejection of war, the magnitude of which we can measure against the man sitting in the background. The statement of it. Which is precisely how we are to take it in. The 3-D framing tells us to concentrate and give in to the power of art.

A momentous side to graffiti is its reflection of the geopolitics at play in its day. Subjects travel across boundaries mapping the larger picture as it is. Complete with a grid for easy transfer to surfaces of any size. In this case the motif is traveling from Ukraine to Syria to be sprayed in a neighborhood in Damascus.

Within a span of just two years the very same motif has become central for the happenings in both places, speaking of the very same aspirations for power. The application of Hitler is rather a cliché and yet so very well done here, changing just the eyes and creating for an oscillation between the two persons at play. His name on the other hand has taken the full step and has been changed into the defamatory "two boots, while the colors of the flag of the Syrian regime is formed with the Swastikas for stars.

Moscow, 2012 - his left arm added about the time Putin
was elected for his third term as president.
 Photo via Tarek Alghorani/FREEDOM GRAFFITI WEEK Syria

Another full face portrait is intended for Damascus. This one first came about in Moscow and this one makes its protagonist get caught in the act of severing the aspirations of the many voices. An act which turned into pure manipulation once his left arm was added. 

In the newest version he is cutting out a letter of his own name changing its meaning into an ass. He is in other words making an ass of himself for everyone to see in a neighborhood for which there is no strength to be drawn back into open strife. He will be there, though. He shall have a presence as proof of his factor in the war.


Special gratitude goes to Tony Daoud for solving the intricacies of the word play. For details of the stencils see more at: FREEDOM GRAFFITI WEEK Syria

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