"The struggle of man against power...

... is the struggle of memory against forgetting".

As stated by Milan Kundera in his The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and a textbook example on the notion of the color white.

White as in a blank nothingness such as the surface of a piece of paper without anything scribbled on it. To the artist at once the space of infinite possibility and the fear that it shall remain a nothingness.

The white thus challenges the ink. The meeting of pen and paper is a concrete one and where the cartoonist's pen is considered a danger, the white is the easiest counterattack at hand to erase all memory of the ink. Such as the repainting of the ruins of the villa of a nephew of Ben Ali. Its graffiti walls have been a symbol of free expression:

Nadia Khiari, WillisFromTunis, May 28, 2015,
The bucket contains the privilege to walk free from prosecution.

The cartoonist's answer is right at hand making the whitening the active force that it is visible for all to see. In Tunisia as in Morocco where Amnesty International keeps pointing out that torture is still taking place. It is the deslenguaje of power to conceal and distort, but the shadow cast since Abu Ghraib is each time a degradation of each and everyone of us as humans:

Khalid Gueddar, Amnesty International: Morocco tortures... !!!
February 27, 2015.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of their artists and must not be reproduced without their permission.

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