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Recipes are the making of a blog and since this blog is utterly lacking of those so far, let us specify the ingredients needed to the making of a "System" by Lotfi Ghariani.

- to the drawn accompaniment of Per Marquard Otzen on the letting out bombs far from home with the one hand, while keeping the door shut at home with the other on those fleeing the bombing. Note the tragic grandeur of the fleeing. They are the choir of an Antique drama singing the tale of man as opposed to the antics of bureaucratic enterprising. As performed by Danish governments since 2011 of which we had a new one Sunday week. Nothing good is expected to come of it:

Per Marquard Otzen, Doors of Perception, January 2, 2015.

By Lotfi Ghariani:

Dish of the Day: "System"

Recipe: A little bit of "Discrimination(s)" according to the guests, put in some "Division(s)", but rinse them beforehand with liquid "Democracy"!

"Media" are added to the mixture with a tweezer formatted with "Freedom" and stir gently with the "Elite" (choose a local brand) on a low heat to avoid losing the taste of "Culture" of the "Herd".

The preparation time is unlimited! The main thing is to obtain the final composition of happy "Imbecility".

Enjoy your meal!

The words and cartoon shown are courtesy of their artists and must not be reproduced without their permission.

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