True Lovers

Ivar Gjørup is 70 years young today, which is a chance to declare a love from the perspective of a future in which paper is a thing of the past. 

That thing about which everyone was fighting since it could not be about the words, hardly? Note how Divus, Ivar's protagonist in his comics series Egoland, with which I for one grew up and qualified god for a living (albeit out of work), has hung his halo on the protective glass while conducting his scientific lecture on said paper. 

The sheet is indeed active. It can bee seen at first giggling mischievously to itself, then sobbing in self-pity and lastly moaning in delight:

Ivar Gjørup, September 24, 2006, part one.

"In dealing with priests the paper developed all the deploring properties which is the reason why today we neither miss it nor them.

Self-pitying and torn between cover and back-cover, devoured by its eternal longing for the Finnish forests - from whence it originates - full of hate and revenge and abused by...

Ivar Gjørup, September 24, 2006, part two.

... priests, militarists, bureaucrats! Only 1 profession loved the paper for its own sake...

The cartoonists!"

Ivar shares his birthday with his twin sister, the equally outstanding Gitte Gjørup. CONGRATULATIONS to the two of you and many happy returns!

The drawings shown are courtesy of Ivar Gjørup and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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