Children at War

A toddler curled up all on his own, exposed to the perils of nature and man alike. There is no protection to be found within the contour of the world of grown ups, which not even the grown ups themselves know how to survive in. For the past week we have had a boy before us in this very position dressed in this very way and colors, only this boy was drawn six months before Aylan Kurdi drowned.

A fact which sadly highlights how children are constantly caught up in the wrongs of the world and the cartoon is by Arifur Rahman, who is the creator and publisher of the online cartoon magazine tOOns MaG. The cartoon is in the exhibition by Fadi Abou Hassan Children at War in Avistegnernes Hus in Drøbak, Norway. The exhibition comprises works by cartoonists, who have seen all too much themselves. Most have experienced the impact of war on their own body.

Arifur Rahman, February 22, 2015.

Children at War, September 10-November 8 at Avistegnernes Hus, Lindtrupbakken 1, 1440 Drøbak, Norway. See more at tOOns MaG.

Children at War is a traveling exhibition, which is offered institutions worldwide by way of the Internet.

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