He Who Was Absent

He who has been known by his absence shall be seen by his absence.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen, the Danish prime minister has been caught in this own net, pleasing the right-wingers taking a stand against admitting more than a handful of refugees into the country, while being caught up in the reality of Syrians fleeing the war.

Jørn Villumsen, Safe Passage and Inquiry, September 11, 2015.
Lars Løkke Rasmussen is to be seen in the background exclaiming:
- It works!

His easy way out has been to stay silent, rejoicing in the fact that the Syrian refugees prefer traveling on from Germany to Sweden. Which has left the police the delicate task of not doing their duty while doing their duty. In other words looking away, doing nothing, while seeing to the safe and secure handling of situation.

The National Commissioner of Police was the one granting the refugees a safe passage to Sweden. While the specialty of the Danish police is seeing to the safe passage of ducks, they are not meant to act on their own motivation in a democracy. It is in other words time to give the Prime Minister a lesson on the difference between police and politics.

He is still silent, by the way. But he has been made visible now. And oh, the historians will have a feast discussing for generations to come to which end their books already have their cover photos ready at hand.

Bob Katzenelson, September 11, 2015.
"Immediate action to be taken;
Some wish to see more resolution and less tolerance from the police":
- Find a political solution to the problem, damn it!!!

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