Q.E.D. of the day

Let me for a moment refer to my own country, where certain self-righteous columnists have taken it upon them to judge and usually condemn cartoonists for not being sufficiently brave. 

At times there seems to be an industry of self-proclaimers going on around here, reaching elegantly despairingly into the air at the magnitude of their task declaring how - oh here we go again, must we, yes, we must! - declaring that they alone dare speak up, while the entire population of cartoonists is paralyzed with fear.

Utterly disrespectful.

It is disrespectful to shout at a group of artists on their lack of courage, when the latter are the very ones risking their lives on a daily basis.

It is furthermore disrespectful to speak on any lack of courage on the basis of knowing zero of the amount of fearless drawings made every day. 

Let the two cartoons by Khalid Gueddar below be our Q.E.D. of the day on the courage exercised:

Khalid Gueddar, September 22, 2015.

The UN Human Rights Council has literally put its head forward in deciding to have Saudi Arabia chair its Consultative Group, a panel of five representatives responsible for choosing independent experts to report on human rights violations.

According to the homepage of Human Rights Council itself the issue of Saudi Arabia having executed 134 this year already was addressed only yesterday. Outnumbering the beheadings performed by IS, as it was stated.

The Human Rights Council is "a forum and springboard of action" as stated by Ban Ki-moon and action is certainly on the plate as Khalid Gueddar has cleverly composed with the two units - bodies - having different orientations, one of which is about to be adjourned.

Khalid Gueddar, September 23, 2015.

Behold the result. Albeit not meant to be disclosed to the world; Khalid Gueddar here too doubles the effect of the showing off of an all-mightiness and yet of actions not meant to be seen. Not an eye is to be found in either drawing. The balustrade of diplomatic interaction is but a sketchy whisper in comparison.

Two drawings by a cartoonist, who was been sentenced to three months of imprisonment this summer to teach him a lesson of keeping his head down. The abuse of human rights is his daily reality, to which his answer has been what his colleague - who is in no less trouble on his side of the Globe - Bonil stated only last week: "We have to draw and draw and draw".

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Khalid Gueddar and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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