A Destination Reached

This morning the stencil, which traveled from Ukraine found a wall in Damascus.

A wall as it is, since this may just be its first destination in Damascus. It was reported back that this particular wall turned out to be of a coarse nature and so the color is not solid, making for a shimmering effect. It is as if he is not quite there and yet that is exactly what he is, what makes him all the more haunting, since this is how the actual person goes about Syria. 

He may at first seem to be placed in isolation, but the white paint underneath him barely covers the many voices, who once called out for change and for dignity. And thus the one wall tells us of the length and of the layers of the Syrian war.

Damascus, November 15, 2015. Photo from Tarek Alghorani.

For details of the stencil see more at: FREEDOM GRAFFITI WEEK Syria

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