France Crying

Hadi Heidari, France Crying, November 14, 2015.
Published on his Instagram account.

In questioning the quality of many of the cartoons created and not least the amount of Eiffel Towers therein while first covering the Paris Attacks, there is another side to that subject, when a cartoonist is arrested for creating a drawing on the matter.

Such is the situation right now for Hadi Heidari, who was arrested on Monday as witnessed by two of his co-workers how "a young man came with a warrant. He showed Hadi the warrant and they took him quietly", according to We have followed Hadi Heidari's work before on this blog too, when he was taken to court in 2012 and later acquitted for allegedly having "insulted" war veterans. 

His "crime" - let us retain the quotes - is still the old one from his first arrest in 2009 following the Green Revolution, which prompted the next one in 2012 and now he is among the number of critical voices of the press being seized lately in Iran.

While waiting to learn more of his situation let us focus on his latest drawing on tears for the fellow man. The use of watercolor underlines the flowing of the tears all over the picture plane while the Eiffel Tower is at once a fixture to this specific situation and yet that one is fluid too by being tilted.

It is a beautiful drawing with its full frontal address in the sharing of an emotion. It is an angle not seen too often in cartoon art, or rather we know it well from Hadi Heidari; he creates direct interaction with us. Which of course emphasizes his mental strength and thus the fear with which he is being met by demagogues. 

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