"Your brown shirts are back from the cleaners"

When someone heftily refuses to be seen in certain others' company, there is every reason to focus on their correlation. Each of the present company speaks by way of accusational noise in which it is vital to retain the full attention of their listeners. The last thing they wish to be compared to are those who do the very same. If the listeners should discover likenesses in their verbal tactics, they might begin to think twice. 

But inviting one's beholders to think twice is the very intention of the cartoonist and Steve Brodner is letting their empty eyes and sullen features be reflected in each other to the tone of that autumnal brown known all too well not that long ago in Europe. A brown, which declared to be building new empires, but which apart from the violence turned out to be nothing but empty at heart. A fruit anyone?

Steve Brodner: Right parties everywhere:
your brown shirts are back from the cleaners
, November 15, 2015.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Steve Brodner and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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