That Magnificent Beast

Víctor Vélez, Inktober, Year Two, October 6, 2015.

Víctor Vélez, Anti-corruption, June 5, 2015.
- Note the Freedom of Expression in the upper right corner
taking part in the noise.

Víctor Vélez is a prominent contributor to the Anatomia Cartooniensa in which he nails the evolution of the corrupted being.

Human form, or any living form for that matter is not as long-winded in developing new attributes as science has told us. The sense of a new exploitation to be made and instantly a new form sees the day.

The accelerated evolution has a typology of its own: Claws, beacons and teeth can be recognized across the field as the main physical ingredients. Each ingredient is at once to be used as a weapon and create movement. The beacons for one have scissors as their forefathers, diving in stabbing anyone daring to try to escape.

Víctor Vélez, Tattoo, April 27, 2015.
The brain of the corrupted being has grown into a being of its own. A formidable beast clawing out from behind what could deceivingly be seen as curly locks. Víctor Vélez creates movements through its opposite, through the density of the sharp black line so tense that we sense the anger about to burst out from within the brain deformed.

Corruption is a premise within any of us, seeking any opportunity to forge ahead on the cost of what is healthy and right. Corruption is thus an inner premise and an act alike.

And yes, Corruption is a betrayal, as put by Salman Rushdie. Corruption is not just greed; it is the very act of undermining the common ground in society. 

Víctor Vélez, Anti-corruption program,
February 25, 2015.
But by seeing it is a premise within us all Víctor Vélez eludes all pointed fingers. It is not the drive itself, he is getting at. It is the lack of balance to avoid it from gaining ground: Weak government, bad government and the absence of constant, preventive measures however magnificent a new red toothbrush may seem. 

One of Víctor Vélez' strongest arguments is thus how the same physique may personalize a positive force at one time and a negative at the other.

Freedom of expression for one, or tolerance. Or rather what we believe to be the forces of good are as corruptible as any other, they may even become a weapon in the wrong hands dictating what to say and think. The declaration itself may turn into that very act of violence.

Víctor Vélez, Freedom of Expression, February 3, 2015.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Víctor Vélez and must not be reproduced without his permission. The present cartoons along with so many more from his hand are to be seen at: Facebook:Chubasco.toons.

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