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What a sight above. Such artistry on the rejection of war, the magnitude of which we can measure against the man sitting in the background. The statement of it. Which is precisely how we are to take it in. The 3-D framing tells us to concentrate and give in to the power of art.

A momentous side to graffiti is its reflection of the geopolitics at play in its day. Subjects travel across boundaries mapping the larger picture as it is. Complete with a grid for easy transfer to surfaces of any size. In this case the motif is traveling from Ukraine to Syria to be sprayed in a neighborhood in Damascus.

Within a span of just two years the very same motif has become central for the happenings in both places, speaking of the very same aspirations for power. The application of Hitler is rather a cliché and yet so very well done here, changing just the eyes and creating for an oscillation between the two persons at play. His name on the other hand has taken the full step and has been changed int…


At the end of the week let us take a timeout with The Solution to Everything.

The peace dove has taken a firm grip while seeing to the nourishment bypassing all separations, in the words of Fadi Abou Hassan: "We need love before peace in the Middle East":

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Fadi Abou Hassan and must not be reproduced without his permission.

Excuse me, Excuse me!

- was the cartoonist Gerda Ploug Sarp (1881-1969) known to state with the voice of a Stentor while elbowing her way through the wall of her male colleagues. She was but a tiny thing, which only added to her insistence of taking her rightful place in life and cartooning:

The poster above is by Mia Mottelsen, a young cartoonist of today, born long after Gerda Ploug Sarp was no longer here in person. The poster was Mia's contribution to the challenge at this year's Copenhagen Comics, where the cartoonists of today each drew a predecessor. Mia Mottelson deliberately chose a female colleague, one of those we hardly even know of today. So let us enjoy actually SEEING Gerda Ploug Sarp.

Mia Mottelson draws Gerda's life's story as one of passion. She began at an early age, drawing her teachers, when she was supposed to do math and she married a fellow artist, with whom she could share her passion. An artist, who would not dream of twarting her artistic endeavours. The Gerda Pl…

Such is the opening to a great novel

An entrance with aspirations reaching back to Antiquity and yet unmistakably of the 20th century; that all too long and bloodied century. 
A door of proportions promising to open to a sizeable house behind it of which Thomas Mann and his Russian colleagues would have approved. The promise of a household or an enclave such as a sanatorium, where an amount of persons are placed together playing out their follies and weaknesses against one another. To the extent that the entrance was made extinct. No. 35 is now to be entered to the left beyond our focus. 
But the voices are still there. The layers of graffiti are still voicing each their protest pointing to that larger canvas of society, which had its hand in how the novel of life played out.

The photo shown is courtesy of Niels Larsen and must not be reproduced without his permission.

The Iconography on Necessity

Sometimes it comes to pass. Something so disturbing that it instantly evolves into common imagery shared across the globe and what is more, it is shared with the same outlook and meaning to it. Such were the images of the abused and humiliated Abu Ghraib-prisoners. They are the iconography on necessity, i.e. human rights as a necessity and a universal one at that.

The present page comes from the sketchbook of Sofie Riise Nors, who wrote down her thoughts following a documentary last night on the imagery. In particular she noted the responses by the implicated, each of them denying any kind of guilt, not even a sense of such a thing. No Secretaries to the state resigned and Donald Rumsfeld declaring his personal responsibility were but empty words. Of the few ones convicted, the "no regrets" were the words heard on the footage.

Sofie was too young at the time to have known the images and thus reverted them to their origin. There is a certain resemblance to Jesus, the abandon…

"When the revolutions began"

4 1/2 years into the Syrian revolution and at a time, when everything seems... but let me give the word to Tarek Alghorani to the accompaniment of Fadi Abou Hassan. Both as silent as they are eloquent:


"When the revolutions began

We wanted to extend it to all the earth

We wanted all peoples to feel the taste of freedom

We felt we had reached the absolute
We went out and screamed: No... Enough

Now...  It hurts to say what is happening inside us now"

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Fadi Abou Hassan and must not be reproduced without his permission.

We are in the kitchen

The photos in this blogpost were taken within a matter of minutes while rounding off the dinner following the cartooning master class organized by Erik Petri last Saturday. This turned into as long a sentence as the day had been full of intense hours of drawing and discussing. I am not sure how the present drawing session took off - I suspect Steve Brodner, who has one of the day's keynote speakers got hold of Annette Carlsen's own sketchbook, began drawing and in response she took out another drawing pad.

Besides, we are as humans not supposed to lean back in the restaurant of life. We must never see ourselves as consumers; we shall be in the kitchen doing our bit to the world, in the words of Steve Brodner. 

Note their respective drawing techniques. Annette's wrist is busily working in light and floating movements. Her arm is kept still having transferred all movement onto the wrist, making for subtle and hastily drawn lines instantly transferring the impulses from her b…

"I am so awf'ly misunderstood"

MISUNDERSTOOD was the topic of the master class organized by Erik Petri last week with distinguished political editorial cartoonists Steve Brodner and Matt Bors, the latter founder of the one and only The Nib, as keynote-speakers.

Misunderstood, as in cartoonists being pressured at every level of the drawing process. The beholders-by-chance for instance, who were not the intended audience, but intending to find every reason to protest. But not least there is the corporate world, at once all powerful and fearful of getting the most out of what it pays for, thus forcing the editors to avoid any hint of critical drawing on the same spread as its own adverts. As stated by Steve Brodner the hegemony of the US is the economical machine; a topic which by the way must not even be touched upon cartoonwise. 

A graphic recording was made on the points stated and the historical lines drawn (no pun intended, but doubly fitting in this instance) the whole of which is condensed in Gitte Skov's …

The Elementary Nuclear Physics On The Creation of Art

It is no secret that Denmark as of this summer has a new government. It is sadly known within the very heart of Syria. The Arts are up next, and cultural institutions are to be moved out of Copenhagen and spread across the isles to make for an evening out of where culture is created in this country. Or so it is declared.

Per Arnoldi has penned a protest, but not just that: It is an analysis of how art comes about, which this blog cannot but heartily extol. Art springs from love nests, with all what that entails and once they are dissolved, we are left with the nightmare by Per Marquard Otsen how great passion is answered to as a convenience of practicality.

The English translation is below.

Per Arnoldi
Under overskriften: ”BEDRE BALANCE I KULTURLIVET”,
præsenterer Kulturministeriet , i den store tvangsudflytningspakke, sine molboagtige analyser og løsninger for netop denne balance.
Men, desværre, kulturlivet lever hverken af eller i balance!
Et centrum opstår når talent søger sammen.

Freedom Comes from Thinking

"While my mother and father were kneeling to Jesus and Bacchus
I was left with a couple of simpler gods, Fantasos and Alone also known as Set.
We became friends for life.
we drilled ourselves towards the center of the earth
and flew to the outskirts of the universe
Like bumblebees ignorant about the curved space of Einstein".

The very memories explaining to us how a master of Riber Hansson's caliber came about. The inquisitive mind, not even distinguishable from his companions as they roam the infinite black, the white lines creating a flickering light that is theirs, never resting, never tired of exploring new realms.

The inquisitive mind. Life is a cumulative process, as Ian McEwan constantly stresses as quoted by Riber Hansson from today's Dagens Nyheter:

"(There) is a freedom, which is essential and without which the diversity of the values that are squeezing themselves in beneath the umbrella of freedom would never have materialized. Every free…
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