"They should look up what dictator means!"

- Erdogan burst out during die ZEIT's interview with him last week, of which the former answered his own exclamation mark by willfully misunderstanding, rephrasing what he was asked, insisting he was catching the journalist in double standards.

This is what he looks like, a dictator.

A cartoon of the revelatory kind, so clear in thought and yet not seen before of man as the center of the world. The outlook that once was of man as the conqueror and the overwhelmed alike forming the link between the divine and earth, creating possibility by way of aspiration, daring to question and seek out. 

No violence is before us. Yet, the most violent act is taking place, impeding everything within the human.

The hand of someone, who locks up the cartoonist Musa Kart and according to his own calculating, Erdogan did during the interview, the cartoonist is classified a terrorist.

Firuz Kutal, November 6, 2016.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Firuz Kutal and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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