The Trumpian Legacy

He is so much noise. Much of it calculated to divert attention from his actions.

The silence is all the scarier. The silence we are not supposed to have to give us time to look further to know what is taking place.

The calm look of the cartoonist on that face, excluding the noise of the Trumpian colors. Antonio Rodríguez García lays before us an examination of the pen of classical proportions from back when corpses were used to get beyond the human surface.

The incision to the frontal lope is the river, which runs through the part of the brain in which the personality is formed, including mental processes such as memory and decision-making. 

The incision if performed shall be the condition of the US.

Antonio Rodríguez García, Trumpcare, June 30. 2016.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Antonio Rodríguez Garciá and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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