Antonio Rodríguez García, The Reunion, July 10, 2017.

He would seek out the other at the dinner table, having nothing in common with his allies of which there were aplenty at the recent G20 Summit.

They have no verbal language between them, but then they have no need for any. Putin's translator was at hand that evening.

The serenity of their second meeting of the day, the official one not being enough. Undisclosed till now that it took place, as is it unknown what they exchanged, in full view, but out of earshot of the other dinner attendants.

Those inner secrets from the one, who cannot hold back and the one, who knows how to take advantage of any information he obtains in an hour-long one-on-one+translator.

Bear in mind. Ulay sought out Marina Abramovic during her performance The Artist Is Present at MOMA in 2010, and we were all in tears at the two former lovers sitting across each other in full view. But then, Ulay would go on to sue Abramovic for his share of their royalties from their years together. Ah, love!

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Antonio Rodríguez García and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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