Art Historian vs. Cartoonist

The Villa of Thielska Galleriet, built 1904-1907.
Architect: Ferdinand Boberg. Photo LCL, July 30, 2017.

I was pondering on the lines of the balustrades to the Thielska Gallery in Stockholm.

Built at the time of Valdemar Andersen and seeking the same solution to the use of the line: giving it at once presence and yet delicacy as if it is hardly there by punctuating it by little dots.

Valdemar would use the technique to draw cascades of a dress surrounding the actress Betty Nansen as tragedienne and in the act of posing as a tragedienne.

His architectural equivalent reaches the same effect by way of wringing the iron, removing all sense of solidity.

Valdemar Andersen, Betty Nansen, full-page monumental portrait
in the weekly satirical Klods-Hans, 1907.

The balustrade up close, The Thielska Gallery. Photo LCL, July 30, 2017.

Suddenly I discovered that we were surrounded by fire engines with blue lights ablaze. The firemen were in fact wrapping up that all was well by the time I turned around.

And that is why the art historian would fail as a cartoonist.

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