So, let's not...

... question the existential rights of anyone:

This one was found at:

It if after all a question which ought to be directed at ourselves. Terrified feathered beings running to and fro expose the brutality of our infrastructure.

Instead, on the first day of the year let us take to Abbey Road.

Note, how every detail below is correct; from the gate to the studios to the number plate of the white Volkswagen. But unlike the hoards of imitators of The Beatles striding across, the ducks are seen from above. By that the zebra crossing and adjoining zigzag lines are accentuated to make it known that right here and now the metal ramblers in the traffic have to give way for a string of nonchalant ducks.

Happy New Year!

Jørn Villumsen: Abbey Road.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Jørn Villumsen and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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