Obey the, well...

I have written before on the courage of the Resistance of WW2, of which my paternal grandfather was one and today would have been his birthday. Since what he did back then was morally reprehensible according to the official stance of the Danish government, it is a fitting day to enjoy a bit of civil disobedience.

Since World War II children in Northern Europe have been taught not to take anything at face value. Our very first books in life tell us to tease, challenge and question the authorities.

A street sign in a childrens' book is doomed to be stolen and burnt. So the extra coat of paint on the one below is in fact a rather subtle undermining of reason, by whoever saw the potential of creating a metasign:

Sign seen in Willemoesgade, Copenhagen, September 5, 2014.
Photo: Hanne Brandt Andersen.

The photo shown is courtesy of Hanne Brandt Andersen and must not be reproduced without her permission.

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