Waste Populace Production

Khalid Gueddar, A Government Without Dignity
November 26, 2014.
The legitimacy of a community is demonstrated by how it cares for its weak and dissenters.

Enter the garbage truck.

In an act of resistance cartooning has made the willful ignoring of a population into a motif.

Doubling up on the action, demonstrating that the ignoring was a willful act in the first instance, cartoonists have introduced said garbage truck to highlight the dirty gassy greasy work of it.

The motif takes on specific detailing in each case, all the more so for spanning continents; the present examples cover three continents and from autocratic and democratic societies alike.

The physical violence of a moral stance is at its most obvious in the oldest of the present examples by Khalid Gueddar. The population is all soft bodies; no faces and as such not exposed in their situation of need all the more in contrast to their perpetrator - or he doing the dirty job on behalf of the state - the Moroccan premier minister. The composition forms an energetic oval, from the head of the truck to the minister and back again with his throw.

Magnus Bard, Sorting, These Days, May 22, 2017.
- Excess renters after luxury renovations, what shall I do with that sort of thing?
- That is to be dumped in nature

Throwing has a violent indifference to it, while putting in neat bags is less messy, but no less hurtful. The chilling indifference is all the more intense. Magnus Bard has drawn the orderliness from a Swedish angle, when renters' homes have been renovated to attract a higher income group, leaving a deficit of residents, who do not fit into the new classification.
Mana Neyestani, January 14, 2018.

Sorting the garbage into minute types of material, with not even a softening to be found in the official answer. It is ready at hand from the depot official, highlighting that this is a well-organized country, indeed. Note the hardhat and tie of the truck driver.

Poverty and protesters alike are examples of populace indexed as being of the wrong sort. While the above examples are still of an implied nature, the Iranian scholar Kazem Seddiqi was leading the Friday prayer in Tehran in January, when he denoted the protesters as "rubbish".

This was not just a random remark; this was an act at state level as Mana Neyestani evidenced.

It is sharp detailing by Mana Neyestani having added the "fragile" and right way up of the boxes of "rubbish" exposing the hypocrisy of treating any other type of goods better than humans.

Mana Neyestani, Rubbish, January 13, 2018.

The present cartoons show humans in the most undignified situation possible and yet they are each time shown to all the more valuable for it. Theirs are the scared looks, prisoners as they are, compared to the haughtiness before them. 

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Khalid Gueddar, Magnus Bard and Mana Neyestani respectively and must not be reproduced without their permission.

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