Mary Annunciates

"Last night I was visited by a schizoid pigeon that was trying to decide on my body...

Ha! Someone tell him that this is why I have the emergency anti-conception pill".

Cintia Bolio, December 13, 2017.

It is that time of the year again when before we know it; it shall be The Annunciation. 

Only, this year someone is well prepared.

Cintia Bolio encompasses three layers of the Virgin Mary. Her storyline in which she of all knew not to ask: She bent her head and acquiesced, as the Bible will tell us. She now calls the bird schizoid in that it was emotionally and socially unable to take in her NO. This is the very storyline of a rape.

Mary is an intelligent woman with the Book open in her lap. She is sitting on her symbol - the moon - yet when drawn by Cintia Bolio it is a mouth of mega-size. This is about speaking up and having the right to do so.

Mary symbolizes help and support with the heart to understand. She is a trusted figure in a position to tell about a non-invasive solution. 

In fact that pill is the only non-invasive element of her presentation. That is the true scandal.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Cintia Bolio and must not be reproduced without her permission.

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