Use Your Voice

Patti Smith in Ystad, August 19, 2017. Photo by Niels Larsen.

When asked about their work, cartoonists will reject being categorized as artists. No... I am just... no, the cartoon ought not be saved... no, art is something much...

Art belongs to the beyond, to the afterworld, deserving all the noisy words.

But let there be no divide. Let us turn to she, who knows.

Patti Smith in Ystad, August 19, 2017. Photo by Niels Larsen.

Patti Smith gives us her answer in a poem:

"And in the morning light
The artist, seeing his work was done
Saw that it was good"

Do your work. Be vigilant. Be critical at our times of strife and then let yourself be heard. Find your way to express yourself. Conquer. Embrace, as she underlined yesterday from the stage in Ystad: Use your voice.

"The call of art - the call of man"

A definition beyond questions on the material used. Nor need we waste time on the afterlife of art, knowing with pain that everything shall eventually come full circle and dissolve into the light it once was.

The artwork came from the light. It was Created.  "Seeing it was good" is not just a matter of knowing your handiwork, I as a lesser soul was thinking until reading "Constantine's Dream"(from Banga 2012) from where the quotations are taken.

Patti Smith places the artistic seeing it was good within its proper frame of Genesis.

A rose, which shared the stage with Patti Smith last night.
Photo by Niels Larsen.
Among the artists of our day, there are those who know it intimately, staying vigilant in spite of their personal safety.

They know humankind and yet they love us, drawing with a lightness that encompasses it all, as if they did indeed draw with light.

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