The Caveman Ruleth

We have established before on this blog that the iconography on the line-up of evolution of man proves a strong, critical and original take each and every time it is applied in cartooning. It is never a stereotype, never relying on lazy cartooning.

On the contrary it is a masterful piece of iconography and of course it is so in the hands of Bonil, who exemplifies the recent election in Venezuela to rewrite the constitution in one single take on dictator and ballot box. Maduro has reversed the country he was supposed to serve to the lost regions of pre-history. 

Atop the ballot box, he is doubly mocking democracy in his aggression toward the peaceful demonstrators in the streets of Venezuela and their lawful expression of democratic rights. Instead, he is having adversaries killed or as we have just heard a few hours ago, taken from their home.

All of it encompassed in a strong composition of but a few lines of Bonil's pen upon a background of textured calm for contrast. 

Bonil, July 30, 2017.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Bonil and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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