Rutte It Was

Drawn one year ago almost to the day:

Riber Hansson, The Ideologies, March 6, 2016.

Remember Riber Hansson pondering on the nudity of Putin? Riber has not let him get away with it. There is that sagging belly situation for instance, in which Putin correlates with Trump. 

With the sagging encasing the globe, Riber Hansson has proven the power of the classical orders of art exposing the problem we are all in, when a person of Trump's caliber takes on symmetry

Living in symmetrical alarm, we have the answer to who made it to Riber's cartoon in today's Sydsvenskan

Wilders was not quite as successful as feared in the Dutch parliamentary election this week and in the relief of Wilder's doing frighteningly well, but "not quite", Rutte is ready to begin shearing the sheep. Their dimple game has been replaced by two sets of eyebrows turning each their way.

Is it bad manners wishing Wilders were a descendant of Samson?

Riber Hansson, Hair Raising Dutchmen, Wilders and Rutte, March 19, 2016.
The music of the title is at its best in Swedish: Hårresande Holländare!

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Riber Hansson and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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