When No Action is Left To Us

Angel Boligán, Angels and Sculls, October 22, 2016.
In times of infinite grief, we discover the grandeur of cartooning right before us.

The present cartoons by Angel Boligán would be at home in a cathedral of Giottos or Caravaggios to be seen by centuries of generations at a respectful distance, and possibly dimly lit through flickering lights, they would be towering before us on the struggle of life of mankind.

Angels turning in mid air, while forcing death to reach beyond itself. All the while the human in between is balancing the line of near-impossibility. Boligán always turns his figures away from our point of view, underlining the scale of the subject even when the picture plane is right before us.

The battle of life so that our loved ones may recover from devastating illness, and yet it may turn out not to suffice. Our human form is forced inside out when the unimaginable becomes reality. Ripped out and obstructed from action by those very heartstrings with which we yearn to remain connected.

Instead we remain tied to the pole of a firing squad.

Angel Boligán, When we can do nothing, October 23, 2016.

Un gran abrazo, Querido Boligán, con mis condolencias a toda la familia

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Angel Boligán and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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