"A terrorist cannot travel"

The UN celebrated its anniversary this week and with it the annual AHEM!! whether it is about time to vet the UN Human Rights Council of certain of its member states. The suggested replacements, though, are not necessarily of another metal. The candidacy of Malaysia for instance ought to be rejected as long as this is in essence the situation of the Malaysian cartoonists:

Zunar, Cartoonist or Terrorist, October 18, 2016.
The sign held by the inspector-general of police spells out 
the letters of the disease ZIKA thus:
"Caution! The cartoonist Zunar between nations"

Zunar has been banned from traveling abroad, having had his passport withdrawn at the airport while about to fly to Singapore to participate in a forum. He has traveled widely since an indictment against him last year for nine tweets on the very same evening criticizing the fabricated conviction of an opposition leader. If convicted himself, Zunar may be sentenced to 43 years of imprisonment.

Zunar has been present in court whenever summoned and would have had every intention of being so too at November 22, when the "case" is allegedly to take off. There is consequently no acceptable reason for withdrawing his rights to travel as the free citizen he ought to be treated as until otherwise proven. Further attention must be called to the fact that his passport was withdrawn by the inspector-general of police and not by a court of justice.

So this is an all too known situation smelling of politics on all levels. The court case is as always just a stalling tactics to keep the cartoonist from work, while gnawing at his strength, finding new excuses for postponements around every corner. Only in this case, Zunar has acted against their expectations. He has proven to be a strong voice speaking up to have his situation known internationally.

Zunar, October 23, 2016.
Self-portrait tweeted on the same date as the cartoon below,
keeping a clear head on the specifics of the situation.

A certain 30+ carat diamond ring is supervising the inspector-general above. The ring must be part of every one of his cartoons, otherwise Zunar's spectators complain. The tiny inspector-general is in turn busily clanging handcuffs meant for tweeting cartoonists below, while one of the truly giant criminals, notably the husband of the "ring", Prime Minister Najib is personally taking care of the budget.

Najib has by now amassed an estimated 2,6 billions fortune and Zunar has visually transformed transactions and abuse of power into an intricate ornamentation of cartooning.

Note the mouth sticking its tongue out at the bottom below, not Najib's, but the tiny one in the middle.

Zunar, Mega Rob Budget, October 23, 2016.

As ruled by Zunar his cartoons must be spread as much and as widely as possible.

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