Never explain - but

Per Arnoldi sent the open letter below on the sentiments sizzling within us. The need to speak up is strong on the protagonists to our Misery.

It is not advisable to look the Minister of Integration in the eyes for too long. Or maybe it is, the whole story is to be read there:

Adam O., January 28, 2016.
The Minister of Integration, Inger Støjberg, portrayed.
Shown courtesy of Adam O.


Dear Friends,

In Lubitsch´ Ninotchka, the agreement between grand duchess Swana and count d´Algout is:
”Never complain, never explain!”
A wise rule… sometimes very hard to follow.
I have to complain and I have to try to explain what is happening here in Denmark in the dark of January 2016.

The Danish government has yesterday, against all decency, adopted a disgusting set of laws for the treatment of the refugees arriving at our borders.
The comments around the world today are very sharp, rightly so.
The right wing government is secretly controlled, behind the closed doors, by the ultra right populist party, wich in spite of many (far too many) votes, does not want to participate, but to operate, hidden, with their shameless and dark agenda.

I do not recognize the country anymore!
Where are we heading?

Of course thousands of voters have protested, held rallies, collected signatures against these laws.
The dark powers do not listen.

The veteran danish socialist politician Mogens Lykketoft has condemned the governments decisions in very strong words. He is now the President of the General Assembly, United Nations, and from his office in New York, my protest and complaint yesterday was greeted with this personal mail:
”…we have an enormous need to fight the general attack, now beeing launched on wellfare and decent attitudes towards our fellow men.”

But how?
If an election was coming up, the vote might help.
Apparently it is not.
The nationalist /isolationist movement is destroying all international efforts we have been fighting for and struggling to establish through so many years.

Sad and shameful greetings from

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