"I am the state!!!"

Misunderstanding as tactics.

Bonil, December 28, 2015.
- What will it be? Man or woman?
- I don't know... we must wait and see what it chooses on its identity card

Bonil... no, let us rephrase this since any problem in this matter has nothing to do with him nor does it stem from him. So: President Correa by way of the Supercom (the Superintendent of Information and Communication, which has had a highly questionable existence since 2013 of "correcting" opinions in the public) has filed a complaint against a cartoon by Bonil.

It is not the first time Supercom is on the loose nor is the complaint the first of its kind. It is an obvious piece of tactics to wear down the cartoonist and his employer alike, the daily El Universo and altogether place an exclamation mark above Bonil's head before he even puts pen to paper that his cartoons and with him cartooning per se are reprehensible.

In the present case the cartoon above is stated to exercise "discrimination, sexism and transphobia" against the Ecuadorean LGBTQ-community.

Said community is but three months old in Ecuador, established with presidential fanfare, the very same Correa, who can be heard railing against everything not heterosexual just about at all times such as here and here (The LGBTQ have the right to live as they choose as long as they choose to live according to his norms, as his rantings go) and so it would appear he is "supporting" and "protecting" them, when in reality they are in his pocket concealing phobia by way of propaganda.

The present complaint is but a staged misunderstanding to strike at the cartoonist and the press alike while backing the LGBTQ for show. All the while every party involved is aware that the noise is but a screen for something else. 

Victor Vélez, The authoritarianism has Correa, January 10, 2016
"I am the state!!!" -
 The Supercom is but a dog on a leash.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of their cartoonists and must not be reproduced without their permission.

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