"They say that we are uncivilized!"

By now their turbans have turned into an extended brain. Their eyes have sunk to the bottom line of their faces; eyes and exposed teeth becoming one in the process. Their opinions are in short one with their bodies, concentrated on letting out their outrage. I have a particular weakness for the hands of the one speaking; the fingers mimicking the teeth at which he is pointing to give poignancy to his words.

Flask himself uses direct speech in his line, working with a line at once deliciously dense and dirty and as fine as in barely there while ringing in details such as the frustrated wrinkles across their eyes. Flask analyses our day and age through a gallery of mis-fits seeing it all from a distance and yet fully active citizens in that they are dicussing and taking sides in the happenings of society. His pair of Islamists are for their part entangled in first world problems while pretending to be part of a higher order of another kind.

But qua being murderers, the Islamists are first and last nothing but mean criminals.

Flask, March 19, 2015.
The taking of hostages in a Tunisian museum has resulted in 21 deaths
- We make the effort of visiting museums and exhibitions
and afterwards they say that we are barbarians and uncivilized!
- Revolting!!

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Flask and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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