Binary Darkness

For the first International Day to End Impunity in 2012 Hussein Khuzam created the stencil below consisting of three parts. The three of them all the more poignant for not being drawn together; and so the culpability of two regimes, which would not for anything be interlinked, was laid out alongside one another for their silencing of critical voices.

Drawn to the essence beyond their actual faces, they are characterized through their glasses, beards and headgear, all of which is circumscribing their features:

Hussein Khuzam, stencil for FREEDOM GRAFFITI WEEK Syria
for the Campaign to End Impunity, April 2012.


At the beginning of the Syrian revolution
There was criticism directed at Saudi Arabia concerning human rights
Some Syrians told me not to be lashing out at Saudi Arabia in drawings as they stand beside us
Unlike Iran, which stands by the system and contributes to the killing of Syrians

Our position was clear

The paint running from the applied stencil,
but their precision is unshackled.
Freedom is indivisible, and we want it for everyone
And the wicked in the region are so regardless of present positions
Because we believe they hold but temporary political positions

There is no practical difference in terms of ideology between Saudi Arabia and Iran
There is no difference between them and Daesh and/or Hezbollah Iraqi Shiite militias

It is not possible to differentiate between the two
only the size of Death

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