Art Resistance

Nadia Khiari, WillisFromTunis, March 18. 2015.
- I am not afraid!
- Neither are we.

Paparazzi politics. Such was a comment I read only the day before yesterday's killings at the Museum Bardo in Tunis. The Daesh/IS is dealing in paparazzi politics, working all for show rather than content.

The reaction yesterday from artists we have met many times before on this blog was consequently prompt and unflickering; a response all the more impressive given the fact that their personal security is not a given.

A dilemma Nadia Khiari portrayed only moments after the fact that while Willis is looking beyond the situation he is in, they are focusing on him only.

Still, in spite of the exclamation mark Willis is in need of nothing beyond his own clear-cut figure, and his proclamation acquiesce with the writing on the wall created today by Zwewla in the south of Tunisia. With their newly acquired calligraphic voice, the wall aptly underlines the solidity of their statement:

Zwewla, March 19. 2015:
"Art Resistance
Your terrorism do not terrorise us!"

"We are not artists, we are simple citizens from Tunisia, trying with the help of walls to inform the world on the real problems of humanity..." as they wrote on publishing this their latest wall. The real world of human beings as opposed to the armed showoffs.

The artworks shown are courtesy of their artists.

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