"Stop mixing up things!"

Speaking of the Black Clad IS-claimants, Nadia Khiari has commented on a racist attack on a young man following the Tunisian defeat in the football championship African Cup of Nations. The attack led to further racist tweets on "belonging" of the "Je suis"-nature, attempting to separate Tunisia from the African continent.

As beholders we are directly linked with the attacked, while the violent constitute a triangle within their own sphere. That is, their triad only works as long as none of its legs tries to find some sort of logic to their doings:

Nadia Khiari: WillisFromTunis. Yakayaka.org, February 2, 2015.

Anti-noirs racist attacks after the defeat of Tunisia in the African Cup of Nations.
- But guys, it was not long ago we said we were Coulibaly!
- Stop mixing up things!

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Nadia Khiari.

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