"But we keep drawing"

But. The three-letter word has gained a negative reputation in recent years for taking away from the impact of the statement preceding it. It usually seems to add on a reluctance to go all in for some cause or in some situation.

One could say too that it is a way of initiating a further discussion, of adding nuances to a stance. And then there is that context in which the very word marks an insistence. Such as when an artist is being threatened as it happened in Copenhagen today. Then the cartoonists add on a "but" of a special kind as stated by Fadi Abou Hassan this afternoon: "But we keep drawing".

Fadi Abou Hassan, January 19. 2015.

And so, while we see the freedom of expression lashing out and getting the last word above against the weaponed hand, I wish to grasp the opportunity to express my admiration for the courage of the cartoonists everywhere, who do not waiver for one moment, not in January nor today: You continue to draw as bitingly as ever. You take the risk upon yourselves on behalf of us all. For that I cannot thank you enough.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Fadi Abou Hassan and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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