"Now is the winter of our discontent"

- Piggu likes paintings of food

- There are not nearly enough paintings of food at the National Gallery of Denmark/Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has just had a very special guest from Finland. Piggu doesn't do direct speech, so the thing is to run in the trails of....

Piggu is created by Jaana Suorsa, who gave it a fresh layer of pink for the occasion. Piggu's main features consist of two horizontal lines into which indignation is locked. 

Much as with Richard III's character in the words by Shakespeare, Piggu is determined to prove a villain or at least revel in brooding about the injustice inflicted upon it. In this case First World Problems caused by all others, always Those Blasted Others guilty of obstructing Piggu in reaching that glorious summer...

- I knew it!
- you only love me for my looks

- If only I could get married
Coming to Denmark, Piggu is rather the norm. 20 millions pigs, is it, which are being produced each year here? Which makes this a country with four times as many pigs around as humans. Pigs, or rather pork is being used as proof of otherness from the right wing parties, as if choosing not to eat pork is an act of hostility. 

The discontent of not being eaten is the one thing, though, of which Piggu has yet to complain.
An interaction of hands

Depictions of the interior of churches somehow suited Piggu to a degree that the painted room each time suddenly came alive. But we can quiet any anxiety on that account that Piggu has not seen the light. It will return to its native Finland as sunk in the horizontality of indignation as it left.

And so, by the time we returned to the entrance, Piggu was looking rather pale. A new layer of paint will be needed: Sorry, Piggu, my fault! Of course!

The drawings and photos shown are courtesy of Jaana Soursa and must not be reproduced without her permission.

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