Dodo and the Dynamite Belts

Doaa Eladl, Stop Charcoal, April 23, 2014.
Doaa Eladl has created a trio of characters, consisting of Dodo, a bright girl, her worn-out father, who is put into his right place by his all-knowing daughter, and their cat, who usually has the last laugh.

They are poor, their clothes are mended, even the cat's fur has a patch sewed on and they are in every way in a situation in which Egypt of today is something that happens to them. An everyday life, which could cost them their lives. A blue sky is something they have to look up in books, while even the cat has its own gas mask.

Below is a tiny amount of examples of what her beholders hope will grow to a collection of many, many more. The storyline is perfect for the delicacy of her line with its rounded modulations. The line adds layers to the impact, accentuating for instance the rounded knees of Dodo's father, making it impossible for him to walk upright. All violence takes place outside the picture plane as in a play by Sofokles. In lieu the characters tend to be in constant movement, walking through the images, unfolding their trains of thought physically.

Especially one group of partakers should be noted: The Self-Righteous Bearded, who have obtained a new attribute: The dynamite belt. Their anger is now encoded into a tangible entity. Something which may easily go off, whereby the danger they constitute has become all the more evident.

The translations below are by Tony Daoud:

Doaa Eladl, February 14, 2014:

The politicians versus the Muslim Brotherhood.
Doudou's Father says to Cupid: "Please aim at their hearts, maybe... they'll love her a bit!!"

Doaa Eladl, April 4, 2013:
From the right:
Dodo to her father: "hurry dad there's a "bomb" at our door!!" 
Her Father: "Come on.. they only do that to "the police", cover yourself (when going to sleep) very well, Dodo."

In the next frame, after the explosion, Dodo says: "Daddy... next time cover it better"
- A sarcastic comment on the police targeted by the terrorists?

Doaa Eladl, April 9, 2014:

The first balloon to the right says: "To all terrorists"
The next one says: "Hug each other, kids" 
- Sadly the play on words do not translate well!

Doaa Eladl, January 24, 2014:

The man to the right is asking: "What time is it?" 
and the other answers: "5.45"

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Doaa Eladl, and must not be reproduced without her permission. A very special thank you to Tony for his translations!

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