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The Iwo Jima Procedure

Humor is one of the first areas to be eliminated, each time a group of Self-Righteous of any kind takes over.
To that end the brain is conquered.
Humor is brainy, in other words. 
It undresses the violence that is the invasive procedure, when we are denied the freedom of thought, and as a consequence of the procedure, the risk the unthinking mind poses to our society.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Fadi Abou Hassan and must not be reproduced without his permission.

The Remains of Iraq

When we were very young, my Mother would put this type of images before us, making us follow how the snakes were intertwined with our fingers to make us understand the intricacy of the patterns created to play riddles with us.

She would be using reproductions of the imagery the Vikings did a 1000 years ago. Not that they had that many snakes around here back then either, but their art was influenced by what they had seen when traveling to Byzantia and doing trade or going ashore with less friendly intent on the shores of the Black Sea....

Each player in the entanglement here has its reasons for disguising itself as a riddle, hiding behind the others, declaring those to be the guilty parties, such as the blue of Uncle Sam, the green of the Islamists, the oil as the constant accomplice each side seeks to win over, while all are partaking in the same game spelled out by the bones. All aspects of ISIS taking over Mosul into just the one image, a Khartoon made on the day of the invasion b…

"If you are not skillful enough...

.... to sketch a man jumping out of a window  in the time it takes him to fall from the fourth storey to the ground,  you will never be able to produce great works."

- Our Exhibit No. A when proving the mastery of the cartoonist.

"Now is the winter of our discontent"

- Piggu likes paintings of food

- There are not nearly enough paintings of food at the National Gallery of Denmark/Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has just had a very special guest from Finland. Piggu doesn't do direct speech, so the thing is to run in the trails of....

Piggu is created by Jaana Suorsa, who gave it a fresh layer of pink for the occasion. Piggu's main features consist of two horizontal lines into which indignation is locked. 

Much as with Richard III's character in the words by Shakespeare, Piggu is determined to prove a villain or at least revel in brooding about the injustice inflicted upon it. In this case First World Problems caused by all others, always Those Blasted Others guilty of obstructing Piggu in reaching that glorious summer...

Coming to Denmark, Piggu is rather the norm. 20 millions pigs, is it, which are being produced each year here? Which makes this a country with four times as many pigs around as humans. Pigs, or rather p…

When Enough is Enough

The dignity of their elongated necks tells of women no longer accepting sexual violence of any kind. Their dignity is all the more momentous as Doaa Eladl has emphasized the body part that is our most vulnerable.

The Ping Awards 2014

In Danish: Pingprisen 2014

Gaffer tape and a bucket. The essentials for drawing were uncovered last night at the Ping Awards 2014, celebrating the best of comics in Denmark. The tape is of course to tie oneself to the chair in order to get the drawing done. The bucket is the bonus to throw up in afterwards, embarassed at the threadbare humor.
The essentials were unfolded by Nikoline Werdelin, when she received this year's honorary Ping Award. In the 1980's she nailed the times in the four-frame comics format, went on to write drama and returned to create short stories in the comics format, which each time zoomed in on the vulnerability, hopefulness and pain of human interaction. My personal favorite is still the one on four octogenarians running off from their retirement home, tired of being treated as children, to embark on a new life in Sweden, almost getting caught at the bridge, when forgetting that Sweden abandoned left-hand driving in 1967. And now we shall eventually se…

#illections - illegal - illegitimate

To round up the week, let us expose the stupidest of rulers: The one, who on the one hand sees to that his carefully choreographed portrait is seen everywhere. Only to forget the associated necessity: To take the setting into account in which it is seen:

Any claim to legitimacy is instantly demolished, as diagnosed by Michel Kichka. His drawn analysis is all the more biting, as this photo was circulated a few days later:

The photo is actullay thought to be have been taken in 2000. With Assad père seen above to make the claim of a dynastic right, the confirmation is laid before us of the Assad-rule as a slaughter-house since 1971.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Michel Kichka and must not be reproduced without his permission.

"Moi, Président..."

It is Constitution Day in my country, and since we last celebrated it, Tunisia has at long last and with many excuses for the detours along the way gained its own. At the time of its ratification on January 27, Nadia Khiari for one pointed how how in spite of the glossy surface, censorship was very much a reality in the new constitution. To put it short, artistis, authors and journalists will be working under the same conditions as Honoré Daumier in his day.

His publisher, Charles Philipon, ended in jail in 1832 and sadly the problem is already a very real one in Tunisia. The police is acting as if it is above the law, reacting nervously at at time of transitional justice, in the words of Tarek Alghorani. Journalists and bloggers have been arrested, and Zwewlais yet again facing possible legal action for having created graffiti on the subject on social justice.
- Are the walls more sacred that the physical dignity of the citizens? As aptly put by Ghassen Amami.
So let us mark this da…

Willis the Demonstrator

This is written in Copenhagen, placed in one of those countries in which about 25 % of the votes in the election to the European Parliament went to an extreme right-wing, anti-European party. Each of the "protester parties" seems busy claiming that it has nothing to do with its sister parties, obviously fearing exposure by the comparison. Among the rest of us discussing the alternatives, the students in France took to the streets in all major cities on May 29.
In Paris, a certain cat was spotted. Instantly recognizable in the photo above by Sylvia Borel. The young chose him as one of their voices, and he did proudly. Willis of WillisFromTunis by Nadia Khiari measure 18-20 cm. at the most on the print used, nor are his words readable from a distance, and still he is instantly recognizable, not only as Willis, but as an icon of dissent. He is open, confrontational, the embodiment of dialogue and thus of the right to always hear more than the one voice, even if the two are in …

Dodo and the Dynamite Belts

Doaa Eladl has created a trio of characters, consisting of Dodo, a bright girl, her worn-out father, who is put into his right place by his all-knowing daughter, and their cat, who usually has the last laugh.

They are poor, their clothes are mended, even the cat's fur has a patch sewed on and they are in every way in a situation in which Egypt of today is something that happens to them. An everyday life, which could cost them their lives. A blue sky is something they have to look up in books, while even the cat has its own gas mask.

Below is a tiny amount of examples of what her beholders hope will grow to a collection of many, many more. The storyline is perfect for the delicacy of her line with its rounded modulations. The line adds layers to the impact, accentuating for instance the rounded knees of Dodo's father, making it impossible for him to walk upright. All violence takes place outside the picture plane as in a play by Sofokles. In lieu the characters tend to be in co…

The Ideal Creative Workplace

This is one of them. A cartoon demanding our attention. Unreservedly demanding us, and that on a Monday morning, which in this house was one of those mornings, where my Father bled from the intubation in his throat, and yet in the midst of the haste and the scare, I showed him the editorial page of today's Politiken: - You simply have to see this!

But how does it come about that something in two dimensions makes demands upon us, to a degree that we ought to discuss intention as an aspect of the artwork and not of the artist?

For one thing, this is the grand portrait of a potentate, a king within in his field. And secondly, we instantly recognize him as well as his face as a carrier of experience and a life lived to the full.

These are the two elements with which the drawing is laid out before us. The grandeur of the ruler is underlined by the confrontation of the black/white planes, creating stately, clear outlines. The white in turn is broken into by the sketcy lightness of the …
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