To Draw

Siri Dokken, To Draw, December 4, 2018.

Before the cartoonist there is nothing.

To draw literally means to drag something, as in the pen across the paper. The creation is in the very act. From then on there is definition in what is outlined and as in what is not. The background turns out to be the source of all light.

Ivar Gjørup, detail of panel from Egoland, May 5, 2007.
- ... Our own cartoonist will now draw a leaf
- Hey, taking it easy today, are we, son?
Siri Dokken's young artist draws out his body in the double sense of the word. The vertical line anchored by his eye and the slanted one running from beneath his shoulder blade to the tip of his fingertip about to come about - the two of them intersect in his heart. He is centered. He has life.

A Danish hymn describes how mighty kings may affirm their power and potency, yet they are powerless in placing even a single leaf on any given plant.

That, however, is easily accomplished by a cartoonist.

Here is our reason why despots so fear the cartoonist's pen, while the mother of Divus of Egoland may tease her son...

- Hey, taking it easy today, are we, son? 

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Siri Dokken and Ivar Gjørup and must not be reproduced without their permission.

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