"I look at the word"

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, let us commemorate and recognize going forward the danger of "diverting people of their humanity" in the words of Maya Angelou.

We need her words. Maya Angelou creates imagery with every word, teaching us its capability to corrode a life to its core. With power comes responsibility, which goes for words as for imagery:

"I look at the word
created to divert people of their humanity
We must be careful
Careful of calling people out of their names
Using racist pejoratives and sexual pejoratives
and all that ignorance"

"I believe that the word is a thing
It is non-visible
and audible only for the time it is there
It hangs in the air
But I believe it is a thing
I believe it goes into the upholstery
and then in the wall-paper
and into my hair
into my clothes
Finally into my body
I believe that words are things
and I live on them
Someday we will be able to measure the power of words"

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