Three Years and Nine Months

That is the prison sentence given Musa Kart this week.

In total 14 journalists, editors, board members and chairs of the paper Cumhuriyet were given prison sentences ranging from seven years to little over three years.

They were charged with terrorism, i.e. for being in liaison with Fethullah Gülen and PKK as a convenient cover for shutting down their critical voices.

Musa Kart wrote a beautiful manifest on the nature of the cartooning voice after the initial round of the trial, in which he was released from prison - he and his colleagues first entered the courtroom from prison after having been arrested at their office and thrown behind bars.

We are now waiting for the verdict from the appeal.

Even describing the above is reeking with sickness of despotism that is the reality of Erdogan, so without further ado Fadi ToOn on the new Turkish flag:

Fadi Abou Hassan/Fadi ToOn, July 24, 2017:
The New Turkish Flag - My Solidarity with Musa Kart.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Fadi Abou Hassan/Fadi ToOn and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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