Strategically Lying

So... considering the Malaysian government has put into law the limitation of critical reflection in public space while calling it a need to halt lying taking place ... Who lies, or more to the point, who lies strategically?

Bonil, April 17, 2018: Throwing out rumours.

Bonil has placed two bombs identically on the picture plane, but heading in each their direction while highlighting the two sides of strategically lying.

History proves to us that when bad journalism takes place it is just that - bad journalism - while poisonous press coverage or actual propaganda is found where it is backed by institutions or is itself institutionalized as an organ of a despotic or despotic adjacent rule.

The strategically throwing out rumors tend to be accompanied by another kind of bomb of the problems which are willfully neglected or stem from lack of concern for their long term implications. An "after" has no place to this mindset.

We recognize the situation from all too many places, but consider the sentence above "Bonil has placed two bombs". That is the act of a directly speaking cartoonist pointing to two opposite sides of the same problem, while hiding behind no institutions.

Bonil, April 17, 2018: The displaced... An eventual bomb?

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Bonil and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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