Bonil, Someone is calling at the door, January 31, 2018.
- Who?
- ME!

Delaying is an ever-fundamental topic in cartoon composition. One of the arguments against visual media as a place for intelligent dialogue is due to the all-at-once presence of the picture plane. Researchers will furthermore state how our eyes flicker to and fro all over the plane at once, making any roadmap futile as to what is seen and when within a composition.

Yet, there is a much longer story to this. In the present cartoon by Bonil, the fearful shaking question at the top attracts our attention. He is the frailty of life, he is us essentially. His question directs us to a danger beyond the door, postponing the taking in of the other speech bubble present. This one in bold writing, presenting itself with grandiosity at the length of the picture plane, having the means of knowing no barriers.

The drug politics in Ecuador have been showing off its muscles to the outer world in later years, the severity of which we have before us. And yes, we have the full picture plane immediately there, but the delicacy of the shaky footstool with the trembling in the asking, at once attracts our attention and our compassion that we literally gasp, when we realize the only color present in the scene.

His hurt has by then become ours, as the delay delineated by Siri Dokken. Our reflection senses what problems to the Ecuadorean drug politics - the politics, not the police - there is to know.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Bonil and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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