It Has Been Proven

In the beginning was a work of art. 

Work of art as in made by human hand from some form of necessity. Humans have always given form to what is most sacred to them.

Our ancestors knew. From Venus of Willendorf stems the world. Or to be more precise: Her rebel uterus is the All-Seeing Eye from where everything stems. 

Cintia Bolio has given us the full portrait, of which we have so far had only scattered and contradictory remnants and all of them told to us with great fear. We have been forbidden to even see what is now before us. From the Ten Commandments to Facebook too. 

To stress that it took a cartoonist to give it to us, Cintia Bolio's signature firm line of the pen swiping across the subject is this time an eyebrow, confirming the act of the cartoonist, while lifting said eyebrow to us humans how we could forget even for a moment. 

Cintia Bolio, Birth, ink and watercolor, 2009.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Cintia Bolio and must not be reproduced without her permission.

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