Aaaand Goa... No, Nope!

Maduro is posing for us in the Anatomia Cartooniensa on the entry: despot.

He is eagerly doing so in the role that is his, according to his self-perception. He insists on being at the centre of attention to which end he has constructed a narrative of being the saviour of the nation. 

The cartoonist, however, revolve the narration from goal to outcome.

Bonil places course and outcome into one compositional line. The despotic ego is no strongman. He has appointed special armed forces, in reality thugs and as such operating against any constitutionally obligations to protect. The citizens are left without protection in every sense of the word. The devastation is a catastrophe and the red grass is growing thick and dense.

It is the result of that one hiding back there, ready to call out the troops at anyone kicking off their rights to - to live, as it is.

Bonil, June 14, 2017.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Bonil and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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