Opération Revanche

Two years ago today five cartoonists were murdered, underlining the frailty of life and the courage of cartoonists in spite of it worldwide.

The massacre at Charlie Hebdo remains an open wound in cartooning.

The very last cartoon by Honoré had been published on social media mere moments before. As a powerful piece of imagery on religious fascism it was made into a stencil by Tarek Alghorani in his honor. Let us then mark this date by the illegal act of giving Honoré his posthumous stencil:

Catherine Meurisse, from La Légèreté, 2016.

On the day of the massacre, four of the cartoonists were declared dead at the scene, while Honoré was fatally wounded and passed away too within the hour. The press, however, has a slow mind, and once the number four had been mentioned, the press and public mind stayed with the number of four cartoonists murdered. 

A beautifully and technically masterful memorial line of stenciled portraits by Rob.Ink in which each of the portraits takes on a different pose from the ones next to it made for a vivid personalization of the murdered cartoonists. Alas it too omitted Honoré. 

In November 2015 in an act of need for action Opération Revanche, Sigolène Vinson (judicial chronicler at Charlie Hebdo, and who was present at the killing), Hélène, (the daughter of Honoré), and cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo, Catherine Meurisse, stole to the street where the massacre took place and made the omission good.

The honorary wall of those we have lost is complete, from the left: 

Honoré, Wolinski, Cabu, Charb and Tignous

Catherine Meurisse, from La Légèreté, 2016.

Catherine Meurisse, La Légèreté, Dargaud, Paris 2016, to be ordered here.

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