The Lizard Tongued

Below is the latest cartoon by Zunar, who has been held at a police station in Penang for the past hours.

The detention follows from a week of attacks against Zunar' latest exhibition, with "protests" against his satire on Malaysian politicians, which in turn "forced" the police to close down the exhibition and Zunar's detention may come from allegations that he set up some kind of resistance? Zunar, really? However the specifics, this is all too neat. A chance taken to close down his exhibition, while taking his own person into custody.

Zunar, November 24, 2016.

It was not even a year ago he told us in Sweden, how nobody knows what the Malaysian prisons are like, since all is silence from within.

We shall of course continue to make noise on his situation of which the cartoon above is from the day before yesterday on the arrest of civil rights activist Maria Chin Abdullah. Prime Minister Najib has by now morphed into a clawing prison, with his diamond ring for a wife and bag of unlawful fortune at hand.

Note in particular the police officer. He is the one, who carried out the detention of the cartoonist.

ETA November 27: Zunar was released on bail two hours ago. At least and for now he is free. His trial in which he may be sentenced 43 years of imprisonment is set to January 24.

 As always as ruled by Zunar his cartoons must be spread as much and as widely as possible.

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