A Cartoonist for Prime Minister, Please

Louise Thrane Jensen, The Long Table, September 14 2016.
Gang members are complaining to their boss on the "socializing table",
scary thing that! - their speech bubbles are of the same shape as themselves
Note the movement of that hand, the palm curving in his despairing outrage.

This morning Louise Thrane Jensen was announced the winner of a contest on the best idea to develop that street in the hippie freetown of Christiania in central Copenhagen, which has till now been known as Pusher Street.

In the past decades the drug market in Pusher Street has largely been run by biker gangs and following a shooting incident with the police recently, the freetownies decided this was it and cleared the street of its stalls.

Christiania is a sore spot in the eyes of politicians and a major tourist attraction. Such is the paradoxes of this world, and the ideas put forward were mainly in the domain of selling ecological produce, creating for a new type of market street and a lovely idea at that; only it would soon land Christiania as an upmarket urban living area, which is everything they originally rebelled against.

It took a cartoonist of course to come up with the solution, as simple as it is beautiful:

An immensely long table. A table spanning the (or at least a great part of the) length of the street in which everyone is obliged to greet at least one person, he and she does not know beforehand and ask this person a minimum of one question.

A place to share rather than buy anything. Apart from the two clauses already stated, it is up to everyone, how the table shall be used.

Louise Thrane Jensen has thus proven the forte of the cartoonist to analyze and find solutions.

The fact that we as yet do not have a cartoonist for prime minister - in this country prime minister has the press too as his/her area of responsibility - ought to be corrected the soonest possible.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Louise Thrane Jensen and must not be reproduced without her permission.

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