Then there was one, soon there is...

A daily with a strong profile can be recognized by its abundance of cartoonists employed. 

Jørn Villumsen, New Year 2015/16, Politiken thanking
its readers for a year of busy debate.
Or rather, it is the other way around. Where cartoonists are holding fort, the profile of their daily or magazine or whatever the platform is a strong one with a lively debate, which engages the public far beyond their own readers, these days often beyond boundaries too (and no, not necessarily in a wrong way) to be continued even in the history books of later ages. 

Such a place was Politiken. Now they have let go of Jørn Villumsen as one means of aiding their ailing economy. Will they really have us believe that measures of this kind will strengthen their position? Will they have us believe that new ideas shall spring from a dry pond?

Jørn Villumsen - the importance of culture
in speeding the recovery of the ill.
I know, I know, he is not the last cartoonist in the house, they still have great names indoors, but we do not know for how long, now that the exit door has been slung open. Besides, the administration has forgotten the importance of diversity. 

The cartoonists of Politiken have been interacting for a 100 years by now, playing to the strength of each other, at times they even popped up in each other's cartoons - and the readers still squeal with delight at the thought of it. Jørn Villumsen may furthermore be turn out to be the last of a long line of Politiken-cartoonists to play with letters for their graphical value. The importance of children to see language and ideas intertwined every morning cannot be exaggerated.

Let us part, though we shall certainly not part with Jørn Villumsen! - with an oldie on that insider lingo between the cartoonists and their readers of Politiken, bearing in mind, how cartoonists in countries of oppression sees us as living in a situation of economical censorship:
Jørn Villumsen, from a series of cartoons among the Politiken-cartoonists
when tattoos were at the height of fashion. This gentleman claims that a tattoo from Roald Als
gave him eczema and had to be moved to his behind, whereas cartoons by
Jørn Villumsen are known for their quality.
Oh, the cartoonists!

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Jørn Villumsen and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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