Dogan Güzel- Updated August 21, 2016

Photo from CRNI

T-shirt torn. Dogan Güzel was arrested yesterday during the government raid on his workplace, the Kurdish daily Özgür Gündem in Istanbul.

This photo is a cartoon in itself. His dignity torn. It says it all about Erdogan's Turkey.

ETA: Güzel has had political asylum in Spain since 1999 and the Spanish authorities tells that he has not been indicted, nor has he said anything, but he shall be withheld until Friday. We will continue to follow his situation.

ETA August 21, 2016: Dogan Güzel was released after two days along with most of his colleagues, with the executives of their paper having to remain in police custody. They all stand accused of resistance, insult and aggression against authority. In other words accusations resisting their arrest, the situation of which is pretty much what is seen on the photo and speaks volumes of Turkey 2016.

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