Cameron Cornered

Helle Scheffmann animates her protagonists with a sharpness of timing into each movement, teasing us with the juxtaposition of constancy and change.

On the subject no further words are needed today, only that this post is a test if the video format is working:

ETA since the video link seems to work: Two stills highlighting how subtly Helle uses hands to express in this case self-congratulation and utter satisfaction with a job done by repeating two hand positions as if clapping and rubbing them in one go.

This goes for the background as well. Helle Scheffmann works in layers upon layers, creating a sense of the story leading up to the one scene before us; a subtle take on the EU-flag here with brush strokes of white paint as of a tapestry worn off.

The video is courtesy of Helle Scheffmann and must not be reproduced without her permission.

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