No Comment

Fadi Abou Hassan, the sketch for No Comment, June 14, 2015.
You are lost at Malmö Central Station.

You are finding yourself at the second floor of the car park and not too certain, how you got there.

You locate a way out, relieved to be thrown aback by the wind, because surely that is a sign of rescue? Still, you have no idea, which world corners go where, while you are zigzagging your way along the massiveness of a station, which has sprouted new sections to all sides.

There is a logic to it somewhere, and yet is too massive to be detected by way of the human scale when walking around it. It seems brutal of character since each of the sproutings are without a trace of a welcoming spirit.

Right then, when you doubt that there is a meaning to be found in any of this, a cartoonist calls your name. He presents you with one of his original drawings and you realize that you have just experienced in person what cartoons do for us.

Fadi Abou Hassan, No Comment, June 14, 2015.

They do not pretend that there is a meaning to the absurdity of life. On the contrary they address the absurdity and by doing so make it possible for us to grab it and to discuss it. The right hand alone above with its pointy bones underneath the skin is a hand, which has seen too much.

Father Christmas is likewise leaning forward; his realization of the world no less cruel. I promised Fadi Abou Hassan that this would be this year's cartoon for the holidays. This one is for Aylan:

Fadi Abou Hassan, For Syrian baby Aylan Kurdi, December 8, 2015.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Fadi Abou Hassan and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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